Philip C. Gutworth, P.A.

If you have debts that you have been unable to collect through cooperative efforts, you want an experienced debt collection lawyer to protect you. Whether you work for a credit union that provides vehicle, home and personal loans, or you are a retail debt buyer, a doctor or other professional, the owner of a health club or any other kind of retail business, a knowledgeable and skilled debt collection attorney can streamline the process for you and help you protect your investment.

The office of PHILIP C. GUTWORTH, P.A. brings more than 20 years of hands-on collection experience to retail creditors throughout the state of New Jersey.  Your case will be personally and professionally handled, from initial attempts to contact your debtor and make payment arrangements to the filing of a lawsuit or the enforcement of a judgment.  Because of our extensive experience, we are often able to foresee the likelihood of bankruptcy and take the steps to maximize your recovery.

Retail Collections
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To schedule a private meeting to discuss your attempts to collect unpaid retail debt, email or call us at 732-634-9400.

We offer fee alternatives such as taking your case on a contingency basis, or billing you hourly for work done.